Saco River Trash Drive - 2016

Fifty six volunteers of all ages came together on July 30 & 31, 2016 to clean 20 miles of the lower Saco River during the 2nd Saco River Trash Drive.  2.5 tons of trash were removed from the river beginning at Bar Mills Dam continuing out to the Atlantic Ocean at Camp Ellis.

Volunteers cleaned from motorboats, canoes, kayaks and on foot along riverbanks and along problem areas on some of the Saco's tributaries.

We are hearing from increasingly more people as they learn about this event.  Numbers of them are asking to be included in the volunteer contact list.  It is our hope that the volunteer force will continue to grow so we can expand our target area to include the Bar Mills headpond.  

We are hoping to help other conservation organizations to mobilize and collaborate with us in order to cover the reach of river from Hiram to West Buxton.  Another group is already cleaning the river between North Conway, NH and Hiram.  Adding the missing reach would result in annual cleaning of the entire span of the Saco within Maine borders.

Local and state agencies and various organizations graciously provided resources and assistance for the events.  They include:

       Subway (Biddeford, ME)           Eldredge Lumber (York, ME)   Shaws (Saco, ME)         So Po Catering (S. Portland)

       Gloves, Etc. (Biddeford)            Market Basket (Biddeford)   Maine Warden Service              Maine Forest Service

       Saco Public Works Dept.           The Journal Tribune    Brookfield Energy            Saco River Corridor Commission 

       Biddeford and Saco Fire & Rescue Departments 

We found Wilson - but we're still searching for Tom Hanks.

Dedicated To Anadromous Fish Restoration

Photo credits: Garry Kasten, Pam Aslinger, Eric Root  and  Rick LaRiviere