Hatchery News

January 2020 

49 wild Atlantic salmon broodstock weighing between 5 & 6 pounds were released into the Saco River at an undisclosed location.

February 2020

February 1, 2020, two teams were sent out to area streams with Redd-O-Matics and planted 14,400 eyed-up wild Atlantic salmon eggs.  A team planted more eggs February 8th.   This was the last egg planting event for 2020.

An aquarium, similar to Fish Friends program equipment, was set up in the basement of the hatchery to hold all the remaining salmon eggs.  This aquarium saved $300 in February and $600 a month in electricity costs in March and April.

March 2020

The UNE Marine Science Center (MSC) is currently only operated by UNE staff because of COVID-19 restrictions and they will not be accepting our Broodstock until the COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed.  We continue to maintain the broodstock at the hatchery.

April 2020

No tours or open houses are scheduled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We continue to hold our broodstock, e-fished Parr and about 1500 fry in the aquarium.  Area schools in the Fish Friends program have been returning their fry to the hatchery and the Fish Friends fry have been added to the fry in the hatchery to be raised all together.  Stocking these fry have not been an option for this year.   We are planning on raising the fry for future broodstock.

May 2020

The fry have been transferred to two troughs in the nursery area of the hatchery where they can be easily cared for.  They are growing rapidly!  Since the aquarium is now closed down and there is another pump running to maintain the fry, we expect that our electricity costs will increase this month.  The UNE MSC is prepared to accept our broodstock once the COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed.

June 2020

The new generator and larger propane tank are scheduled to be installed between June 9th & 11th.

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